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Hi Frisco - Goodbye, Blue Monday Hi Frisco - Goodbye, Blue Monday
Tracklisting: Goodbye, Blue Monday Quiet Lights Gold Holiday The War Headspin Echolalia Drift (Alone Confusion) Wallflowers Goodbye, Blue Monday (reprise)
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Apre - Always In My Head Apre - Always In My Head
Tracklisting: Bad Boys I Know I'll Find It Without Your Love Hello Live It Up Always In My Head Is That Really What You Live For? Grab My Hand
9,49 € *
Harry Case - Magic Cat Harry Case - Magic Cat
Tracklisting: Niagara (A Jealous Man's Dream) Easy Vamp Never Say Goodbye Magic Cat Shake It Wendy's Song The Storm Can't Find Ya
9,49 € *
Saunder Jurriaans - Beasts Saunder Jurriaans - Beasts
Tracklisting: All Just Talkin' A Different Shade Of TheSame Easy Now The Small Follower Ghost Walk All The Kings Men Last Man Standing Brittle Bones I'm Afraid (I'm A Fake) The Three Of Me Miles To Go
5,49 € *
Genevieve Artadi - Dizzy Strange Summer Genevieve Artadi - Dizzy Strange Summer
Tracklisting: I Hate When I Can’t Feel My Heart Living Like I Know I’m Gonna Die Godzillaaaa Nowhere To Go Edge Of The Cliff Will You Tell Me Loneliness Grows Hot Mess Hope Song Is What You Believe Feelz Tru Oo Ya All I Want For Now Mad...
8,49 € *
Stefflon Don - Secure (2 LP) Stefflon Don - Secure (2 LP)
Tracklisting: Lil Bitch Jellio Finesse Interlude What You Want Pretty Girl Uber Precious Heavy Hurtin Me (Remix) Both Ways Crunch Time Favourite Girl Senseless Regular Win Free Drip Tony Montana (Online)
5,49 € *
Ruby The RabbitFoot - Divorce Party Ruby The RabbitFoot - Divorce Party
Tracklisting: Beach Flowers Faucet Love Nicola La Wish Blue Jean Jacket I Hate You Wild Cherry Chapstick Ancil Second Wind
8,49 € *
Las Aves - I'll Never Give Up On Love Until I Can Put A Name On It Las Aves - I'll Never Give Up On Love Until I...
Tracklisting: You Need A Dog A Change Of Heart Baby Worth It + Tomorrow Cancel On Me Fuck That Shit Latin Lover Where Did You Go ? Thank You
7,49 € *
Jock Scot - My Personal Culloden Jock Scot - My Personal Culloden
Tracklisting: Easy To Write Gay Paean To Thierry Above The Volcano Someone's Yearning Tape Your Head On Just Another Fucked Up Little Druggy Farewell To Ferodo There's A Hole In Daddy's Arm Good God Domestic Bliss Thunder Over Kilburn A...
4,49 € *
Mark Wynn - More Singles Mark Wynn - More Singles
Tracklisting: And Dave Went Mental I'm Mint Man Me Man Yeah Yeah Bill Burroughs Was My Baby Woolies Please I Am John Eggs And Juice Kes Holiday Boys Don't Cry (Massive Turn On) Tooth Decay Day Trip To Heckmondwicke The Beatles Hate Me...
4,49 € *
Mendrugo - More Amor Mendrugo - More Amor
Tracklisting: Introito Calliope Velluda La Breva Manolo Atapuerquillo Estrella Fugaz Tanta Santa Emboñiga Macho Y Hembra Matutú Te Adoro
4,49 € *
Al Bano & Romina Power - The Golden Orpheus Festival 84 (Bulgarien) Al Bano & Romina Power - The Golden Orpheus...
Tracklisting: Quando Il Sole Tornera Lo Di Notte 13 Dicembre Ragazzo Che Sorride Mattino O Sole Mio Felicita Sharazan Ci Sara Mamma The House Of The Rising Sun
12,37 € *
Various - Insel der Liebe (DDR) Various - Insel der Liebe (DDR)
Tracklisting: Monika Hauff Und Klaus-Dieter Henkler – Leben Gjon Delhusa – Insel Der Liebe Ivica Šerfezi – Die Tränen In Deinem Gesicht Maja Catrin Fritsche – Freundliches Wort Roland Neudert – Maria Elena Tamás Hacki – Ich Pfeif Ein...
2,20 € *
Various - Some Broken Hearts (DDR) Various - Some Broken Hearts (DDR)
Tracklisting: Familie Silly– Bette Davis Eyes Monika Hauff Und Klaus-Dieter Henkler– Birds Of Paradise Roland Neudert– Some Broken Hearts Never Mend Eva-Maria Pieckert– Maledetta Primavera Hardy Fritsch– Dolannes Melodie Monika Hauff Und...
3,95 € *
Various - Il Silenzio (Trompetenklänge in Gold) (2 LP) Various - Il Silenzio (Trompetenklänge in Gold)...
Tracklisting: Lara's Theme Sleepy Lagoon Lovely Trumpet Sternenzauber Lollipop Madeleine (Kalkutta liegt am Ganges) Auf Der Einsamen Landstraße Harlem Nocturne Melodie Für Verliebte Blumen Brauchen Regen Le Grisbi (Dreh Dich Nicht Um...
3,95 € *
Various - Im Zauberreich der Operette 1 (DDR) Various - Im Zauberreich der Operette 1 (DDR)
Tracklisting: Hochzeitsnacht Im Paradies (Operettenquerschnitt) Maske In Blau (Operettenquerschnitt) Die Blume Von Hawaii (Operettenquerschnitt) Servus Peter (Operettenquerschnitt)
3,95 € *
Various - Das haut hin (DDR) Various - Das haut hin (DDR)
Tracklisting: Horst Köbbert - Alles Rein, Was Beine Hat Will Oesterli - Ich Bin Der Karli Ballermaa Die City-Singers - Solang Der Alte Peter / Der Vuglbeerbaam Günter Hapke - Schiedsrichter, Ans Telefon Die City-Singers - Schön Ist Ein...
3,49 € *
Studio-Orchester - Traum-Melodien (DDR) Studio-Orchester - Traum-Melodien (DDR)
Tracklisting: Love Story / Yesterday Spanish Eyes Bilitis Tu T'En Vas / Feelings Ballade Pour Adeline High Noon Elisabeth-Serenade / Merci Chérie Strangers In The Night Scarborough Fair Spanish Harlem / Massachusetts Green, Green Grass...
3,49 € *
Various - Stimmung-Jux-Fidelitas (DDR) Various - Stimmung-Jux-Fidelitas (DDR)
Tracklisting: Rosemarie Ambé, Orchester Martin Hoffmann - Blasmusik Ist Balsam Für Die Ohren Günter Derbsch, Orchester Gerhard Honig - Bitte Noch Einmal Die Unentwegten, Orchester Günther Kretschmer – Alte Liebe Rostet Nicht...
3,43 € *
Various - Mexican Girl (DDR) Various - Mexican Girl (DDR)
Tracklisting: Scirocco – Oh Carol Andreas Holm – Amore Mio Monika Hauff Und Klaus-Dieter Henkler – Paloma Blanca Uwe Jensen – Mama Leone Kreis – Ein Bett Im Kornfeld Wir – Rock Bottom Orchester Raimond Erbe – Dolannes Melodie Muck –...
3,59 € *
Various - UK Greats Various - UK Greats
Tracklisting: The Who – I'm A Boy Jimi Hendrix – Hey Joe Arthur Brown – Fire Julie Driscoll – This Wheels On Fire Barry Ryan – Eloise Marbles – Only One Woman Bee Gees – I've Gotta Get A Message To You Robin Gibb – Saved By The...
3,25 € *
Jürgen von Manger - Als Zeitungsleser Adolf Tegtmeier Jürgen von Manger - Als Zeitungsleser Adolf...
Tracklisting: Jürgen Von Manger Als Zeitungsleser Adolf Tegtmeier Congratulations The Huckle Buck La La La Lara's Theme Love Is Blue If You Don't Love Me San Francisco Just Like A Fool Manuela The Last Walz Mexican Sunshine Love...
3,99 € *
Them - The World Of Them Them - The World Of Them
Tracklisting: Here Comes The Night Baby Please Don't Go I'm Gonna Dress In Black Richard Cory I Put A Spell On You Bring 'Em On In Gloria Mystic Eyes Turn On Your Love Light It's All Over Now, Baby Blue One Two Brown Eyes...
5,65 € *
Tina Turner - Break Every Rule Tina Turner - Break Every Rule
Tracklisting: Typical Male What You Get Is What You See Two People Till The Right Man Comes Along Afterglow Girls Back Where You Started Break Every Rule Overnight Sensation Paradise Is Here I'll Be Thunder
3,12 € *
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